Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to install and run Formula Pack?

You need a Windows or Mac computer with Microsoft Excel. Formula Pack does not work without Excel.

Do I need to upgrade to Office 365 in order to use Formula Pack?

If your Microsoft Excel didn’t come with an Office 365 Subscription, don’t worry. You can still use Formula Pack.

I already have Office 365. Do I need Formula Pack?

If you’re using Excel that came with Office 365 and you notice that some formulas are missing, you may resolve the issue by purchasing Formula Pack.

How do I know I need Formula Pack?

You know you need Formula Pack if you encounter errors indicating missing formula functions in Excel, such as #NAME errors.

I run Excel 2007/2010/2011/2013/2016. How can Formula Pack help me?

Formula Pack can help you avoid compatibility issues by providing many of the 100+ Excel formula functions that were introduced in later versions.

I have an Excel workbook created with a newer version of Excel. Do I need to make changes to the formulas to make it work?

No! Formula Pack takes care of everything for you, so no changes are needed.

Can I use Formula Pack if I use Excel on Mac?

Yes. Formula Pack is fully compatible with Excel for Mac as low as version 2011.

How do I know which version of Excel I’m using?

Please follow the instructions in this Microsoft Support article to discover what is your version of Excel.

What functions are included in Formula Pack?

Formula Pack provides all the latest and newest Statistical, Financial, Logical, Text, Math & Trig and other formula functions. See our up-to-date list of functions that are available with Formula Pack. We regularly add more, so be sure to come back.