Hi, I’m Bernard Vukas

I’m a software developer and consultant for Microsoft Office & Office 365. I help startups and brands accelerate creating apps, add-ins and macros.

I help at every stage of your product life-cycle: planning, prototyping, development, testing, licensing, and more.

I work in desktop applications development on a professional level since 2008. I work with clients all around the world including start-ups, marketing and consulting agencies, financial and IT companies and international brands.

Check out my computer setup and the tools I use.

Key skills

  • Microsoft C# / VB.NET
  • COM Add-ins Development
  • VBA to .NET migration (Windows & Mac)
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)
  • Add-in Express
  • WPF (XAML), Windows Forms
  • Unit testing, Coded UI Testing
  • Installer development

Experience with

  • mono
  • C++11/14/17
  • Qt
  • Google Test
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • Ubuntu

Side projects