What’s new in Formula Pack (Beta)

On Monday we released a private beta build of Formula Pack for Microsoft Excel. As we mentioned in the beta announcement, it has a lot of great new features under the hood. Let’s take a look:

Instant accessibility via the ribbon

Formula Pack takes advantage of the “Formulas” ribbon tab in Excel to instantly allow you to choose and insert a formula function.

Formula Pack ribbon tab on Excel for Windows

Formula Pack ribbon tab on Excel for Mac

We’ll add even more new formula functions as soon as they are published by Microsoft, so you’re never left behind!

New formula functions group in “Insert Function” wizard

We’ve added a new “Formula Pack” group into Excel’s “Insert Function” wizard, so you can continue working the way you do.

Formula Pack integrates with the Insert Function wizard on Excel for Windows

Formula Pack functions on Excel for Mac

Descriptive help arguments

The process of learning new formula functions can be tedious. That’s why Formula Pack provides convenient help arguments so you can learn a new function quickly.

Learn new functions quickly, with the help of Function Arguments inside the wizard

Help is just a click away, by clicking on the “Help on this function” link inside Function Wizard:

Automated online activation

Activate your Formula Pack license by using the Activation Wizard. When our pricing is announced, we’ll offer licences for private use as well as site licenses for corporate end-users.

Simple installation on Windows and Mac

We’ve packaged all files required to run Formula Pack in an easy to use installer, so you don’t need to lift a finger. Note that we’ve tweaked the installer in such a way where you don’t need to ask permission from an Administrator in order to install it. On Windows, the installer let’s you install even if you have a limited (non-Admin) account!

Formula Pack installer experience on Windows

Quick Start Guide

We’ve written a handbook to help you get up to speed with installing, activating and running Formula Pack. The handbook link is available inside our private Formula Pack Beta Testers group on LinkedIn:

New users can join the Formula Pack private beta today! Make sure you’ve activated your Formula Pack by using the free license key that’s provided for free when you join the private LinkedIn group.

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